located in France

Individuals, professionnals or companies, we all use everyday a huge amount of files : documents, pictures, videos, and more. We want these files to be protected from outside attacks, and we also want this data to be backed up safely.

To reach this objective, the developement team of MDK Solutions, expert in data security, has created a technology that is reliable, safe, and easy to use. We use this technology to protect your data.

Thus, our unique infrastructure is put at your disposal. We have redundant servers set up in France.

MDK Solutions’s unique infrastructure is made up of these individuals parts, which add up to make a safe environnement for your files :

A smart USB Drive

When connected to a computer, it allows you to access our services and thus your files.

The MDK Authentification server 

It secures data exchanges (identification, password, certificates, encryption key…)
Pilots the USB Drives (initialization, black listing, software updates…)

The MDK Cloud

Supports the Core of our Service

2 redundant servers, installed in France

Administration of the clients’ accounts handled by MDK Solutions or a partner


A Customer Server (for the Enterprise solution) 

Stocks the customer’s data
Hosted by an external provider or the customer