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Simple and fast solution to make a collaborative project;

  • No software install needed.
  • All the features needed to work with partners.

Connect the flash drive, copy your files and it’s encrypted!



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Nomad Vault Evolution, the secure sharing solution to work with other companies in complete safety.

You wish to share your data securely. The solution to do so is Nomad Vault Evolution : it allows you to very easily share data thanks to a smart USB drive.

Everything’s backed up in a click ! If you lose your drive, the data contained in it will not be readable, as all files on the drive are encrypted. The drive can’t be exploited without the user’s password.

Nomad Vault Evolution is the perfect solution to work with external partners, with a neutral and secure infrastructure.

Storage capacity

  • USB flash drive Nomad Vault, 4Gb


  • Manual Backup

Collaborative Sharing

  • Management of conflicting updates
  • Automatic syncing of the updates made offline
  • Update notification


  • Encryption of files on the MDK Solutions datacenter (Option)
  • Revision control of the files on the MDK Solutions datacenter (Option)


  • Access to the backup files via a tablet (Ios, Androïd) with the “Nomad Vault” App. The two factor authentification brought by the key is replaced by a SMS code needed to access the Vault.
  • Ability to send huge files
  • Recycle bin with a 30 day period of retention
  • Ability to synchronize files on the Nomad Vault Flash Drive (files are encrypted on the Flash Drive)

Some examples of uses:

  • I can use my backup files everywhere, even on a PC which is not connected to Internet.
  • If the flash drive is lost, the data on it:
    • Will not be readable because it is encrypted
    • Will not be lost because it will be recoverable from the backup files located on the MDK Cloud

Technical requirements:

  • PC
  • Operating system Windows 7 or following
  • .Netframework 4 must be installed.
  • Admin rights not needed.

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5 GB across all subscriptions, 5 GB per subscription, 10 Go per subscription

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