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So 20€ HT

The association of your computer and your key Nomad Vault will guarantee the security in your backup, transfert of files and collaborative works

  • USB key of 4Gb
  • 5 Gb of secure space
  • Sending of voluminous files

0.5 € / month by additional Gb

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Storage capacity

  • USB key Nomad Vault of 4Gb
  • 5Gb secured) on the MDK Solutions’s servers (exclusively in France)


  • Automatic Backup
  • Backup VSS  (exp: file pst of Outlook)

Collaborative Sharing

  • Management of the update’s conflicts
  • Management of the updates made off-line
  • Update notification


  • Encryption of files on the MDK Solutions’s servers (Option)
  • Versionning of the files on the MDK Solutions’s servers (Option)


  • Access to the backup files via a tablet (Ios, Androïd) with one the App Nomad Vault. For the double authentification, the key is replaced by the sending of a code, via SMS.
  • Sending of big filed
  • Basket with deadline of retention of 30d
  • Possibility of synchronizing files on the key Nomad Vault (files are encrypted on the key)

Some use cases

  • In nomadic situation, I can use my protected data, even on any PC which is not connected to Internet.
  • In case of loss of the key, the data on the key:
    • Will not be readable because they are encrypted
    • Will not be lost because they will be recoverable from the backup’files on the MDK Cloud
  • In case of crash of my hard disk, I can get back the last version of my files.
  • I delete inadvertently a document and I empty the basket of my computer: I can get back my document from the server.

Video presentation (Fr)

Additional information

Prérequis techniques

– PC
– système d'exploitation XP ou suivant
– pour la 1ère utilisation : avoir les droits d'administrateur
– .Netframework 4 doit être installé. S'il n'est pas installé, notre procédure d'installation se charge de le faire.

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