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The association of your computer and Nomad Vault will guarantee the security in your backups, file transfer, and collaborative works

  • USB flash drive, 4GB
  • 5 GB of secure space
  • Sending of voluminous files

0.5 € / month for each additional GB

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Nomad Vault Pro, the professional solution for secure sharing.

You work with a team on projects. Meaning, multiple users and external contractors will need to access and modify files.

These files are also confidential, which is why you want to save them in a secure location.

The solution to automatically backup your data securely and allow multiple users to access it is Nomad Vault Pro. This solution also offers two storage locations for added security : on your flash drive, and online, through the MDK Cloud located in France.

Everything is very easy to use thanks to automation.

Storage capacity

  • USB flash drive Nomad Vault of 4GB
  • 5GB secured) on MDK Solutions’s servers (exclusively in France)


  • Automatic Backup
  • Backup VSS (exp: file pst of Outlook)

Collaborative Sharing

  • Management of conflicting updates
  • Management of offline updates
  • Update notification


  • Encryption of files on MDK Solutions’s servers (Option)
  • Revision control of files on MDK Solutions’s servers (Option)


  • Access to the backup files via a tablet (Ios, Androïd) with the Nomad Vault app. For the two factor authentification, the key is replaced by a SMS code.
  • Ability to send huge files
  • Recycle bin with a 30 day period of retention
  • Ability to synchronize files on the Nomad Vault Flash Drive (files are encrypted on the Flash Drive)

Some use cases

  • I can use my backup files everywhere, even on a PC which is not connected to Internet.
  • If the flash drive is lost, the data on it:
    • Will not be readable because it is encrypted
    • Will not be lost because it will be recoverable from the backup files located on the MDK Cloud
  • In case my hard disk drive malfunctions, I can get back the last version of my files.
  • If I delete inadvertently a document and I empty the recycle bin of my computer: I can get back my document from the server.

Video presentation (Fr)

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Additional information

Technical requirements

– PC- Windows 7 or newer – Admin rights for initial setup .Netframework 4 required. If not installed, Nomad Vault will install it during the installation process.