Secure Mail Option

4.00  /  0.00008 Ƀ / month with 1 month free trial and a 1.00 sign-up fee

So 3.33€ HT

Simple and effective solution to protect all your emails. You and your recipient will be the only ones able to read the encrypted mails.


  • Subscription to the “secure email” service
  • No software install needed
  • PC/Mac compatibility
  • Available for KryptKey and KryptKey Essential 16GB and 64GB.

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This option can only be subscribed to if you already use a KryptKey. If in doubt, contact us through our contact page.

What they say about it :

“Your encrypted mails can be sent surprisingly easily. Import your contacts and work with your partners while keeping your privacy…  It’s almost magic !”

“Adding LockEmail’s encrypted mail feature to KryptKey’s safe is a genius idea…”Pirate Informatique n°36 February – March 2018 –


The “Secure email” feature allows you to :

  • Send/Receive encrypted emails using a specific architecture, no matter where
    • Without needing a previous software install
    • With your usual mail address
    • Without transmitting an encryption key to your recipient.
  • Send emails to recipients that do not own this solution. If this happens, said recipient will receive an invitation and a code to freely download LockEmail. That way, he can read your mails and answer them.
  • It is compatible with PCs and Macs.

A WORD OF WARNING :  The password that you will choose for the secure emails/LockEmail is not saved on our servers. Thus you cannot lose it, as you will also lose access to your encrypted mails if you do so.

How does KryptKey Mail work ?

Click here to access our utilisation Guide for KryptKey.

How to use our “secure email” feature

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