KRYPTKEY Essential

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Simple and effective solution to protect and all your data. You will be the only one able to read the encrypted files.

  • No install needed
  • PC/Mac compatibilty
  • Functions offline and online
  • 16 or 64GB of storage
  • No subscription needed

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How does it work ?

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KryptKey Essential, the encryption solution for everyone.

You are a professional or an individual. You create, edit, and share a huge amount of files everyday. You have realised how sensible the data you hold is. And you are looking for a way to protect this data.

The solution that will allow you to do so is encryption. Encryption allows your data to be unreadable unless you hold the key that allows you to decrypt it.

KryptKey Essential is this key : it allows you to encrypt your data to secure its content, and to decrypt it when you, and only you, are accessing it, so that you can use it.

Kryptkey Essential allows you to :

  • Protect your personal and professional data
  • Prevent malicious use of your data
  • Block access to data for children
  • Preserve your privacy on the family computer
  • Preserve the confidentiality of your data even if it is stolen
  • It is compatible with PCs and Macs.

Feature overview :

  • Auto encryption : every file created or moved to the KryptKey Essential drive are automatically encrypted.
  • Your encrypted files are safely stored on the KryptKey Essential drive
  • Password up to 256 characters
  • Offline usage
  • Paid options :
    * Encryption/decryption on your computer or any storage volume connected to it
    * Management of a virtual disk drive that is only visible when KryptKey Essential is plugged in

How does KryptKey Essential work ?

Click here to access our utilisation Guide for KryptKey.

Automatic encryption on your drive

KryptKey automatically protects all types of files, without any install needed. It is robust and can be attached to a keychain.

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16 GB, 64 GB